The start of the year was not an easy one in terms of market performance. For the past days, the market has been down to triple digit points. China had to halt trading. All the major industries were down one to two percent. Oil is extremely low. Before 2015 ended, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates to a quarter percent which does not really make a huge impact to the consumer. The government is facing a lot of pressure trying to stabilize the economy as a whole.


Given all these current conditions of the market, what does it mean to you, the consumer? If you are doing your best as the responsible adult that you should- saving for retirement, family emergencies, children going to college, and more- then you should be aware of how these circumstances will affect your investments. There is no other better time to review your investments than now.


If you are close to retirement or are already retired, or are still in the early process of growing your money, a financial risk analysis is essential as soon as possible. As a responsible investor, you need to familiarize yourself on how the investment products that you purchased work. Make sure you have a financial advisor who can help you assess how much risk you can take while growing your money in these down economic times. Be on the front line all the time and know where in the world your money is invested on. Always ask yourself the risk and reward conditions of your investments. It is your money and your retirement and your entire future depends on it. You sure don’t want to lose what you have worked so hard for many years to accumulate.


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