There are about 78 million baby boomer Americans approaching retirement who are transforming how we live, work and invest. Retirees need to evaluate today on a deeper level about how to make their money last with the rising health care costs and disappearing pension funds. Also, more people now have the chance to live longer, plus there is an increase in the number of people embracing a healthier and more active lifestyles.

60% of retirees today will outlive their financial assets if they attempt to maintain their pre-retirement standard of living. It only means one thing: now is the time to take a pause and give a closer look at your retirement plan in order to evaluate just how long your funds will last.

Retirement Income vs. Investment Plan

Do you belong to the majority of Americans who are worried of coming up short in retirement? Do you have a retirement income plan in place? I am speaking about an income plan, not investment plan.

The one which is designed to grow your estate in the accumulation phase before your retirement refers to an investment plan. A retirement income plan, on the other hand, is designed for drawing down your estate in the spending phase of your retirement.

One of the most challenging aspects in a retirement plan is switching from a retirement savings plan to a retirement income plan.

According to Wells Fargo, those with a written retirement plan in place accumulate 3X as much of retirement assets vs those who don’t.

An overseas trip, more than enough medical funds, ample monthly allowances, and more– these images come to mind when we speak about retirement. However you envision your retirement stages will be; you are fully responsible for finding ways to get there. You’re responsible for protecting the estate you worked so hard to accumulate and then grow those assets to produce maximum income possible that will last your lifetime.


You can now mathematically test the income strategy you’ve chosen to see if your funds will perform well to your advantage under different circumstances.

We cannot stress enough the mounting challenges facing retirees today. If you are 45, 55, 65, or even 75 years of age, we will help you reach your goal of becoming retirement ready. What can our complimentary retirement income analysis do for you?

  1. For pre-retirees, we will help you learn the key steps to take now in order to maximize your funds in preparation for the day you retire.
  2. For retirees, we will teach you how to accumulate the estate you worked so hard for, and also help you learn how to get the most out of your retirement savings.


Making the right decision could potentially mean tens of thousands of additional dollars of retirement income. The following are just some of the issues we address in the retirement income analysis we have prepared for you. Our experts will help you address the 7 most common areas causing great concern for retirees today. Some of these are:

  1. The need to offset the effects of inflation
  2. The rising costs of health care
  3. The very risk of you outliving your assets
  4. The need to minimize your income taxes throughout the retirement phase, which many consider as the largest expense in the golden years.
  5. The need to know how to safely withdraw each year so you don’t run out of money
  6. The need to know the most tax-efficient methods to transfer assets to your heirs
  7. The need to know the maximum Social Security benefit you are entitled to receive


What are the advantages of getting a retirement income analysis from East Coast Tax & Financial Planning?

  1. You will gain a clearer understanding on how to work with your retirement income plan.
  2. You can transition from a retirement savings plan to a retirement income plan in a safe and reliable manner.
  3. You can create a plan that will make all your resources work together to maximize your assets.
  4. You can examine the necessary issues of your retirement, the risks you need to face, the challenges that may arise, and the changes you need to accomplish.
  5. You can make necessary adjustments should the analysis warrant such actions in order to make your income plan last longer.
  6. You get to check the various possible scenarios with your decision-making that will affect your funds.
  7. You will have a guide to follow when corrective actions are necessary depending on the market situations that may arise.


We’d like to invite you now to receive a complimentary retirement income analysis. With tens of thousands of dollars at stake, you’ll have nothing to lose, only much to gain.

At East Coast we always start with a plan. Our team takes the time to develop a plan for each and every one of our new and existing clients that fit their needs, lifestyle and goals. We always design a financial plan that brings direction and clarity to the investments and products we choose.

Try our Retirement Income Analysis meeting now.