Tax Services in Vero Beach, FL

The only difference between death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.

Will Rogers

Accountant using calculator while going through bills taxes in office

Tax Preparation Services

Accountants are educated primarily to record the past. Most accountants can prepare a good and accurate tax return. The issue isn’t accuracy; it’s planning. Many people face the “April shock and awe” when it comes to getting their taxes prepared. So many times, unexpected taxes are due or penalties to be paid. With the Affordable Care Act, these issues are more prevalent than ever before. When we provide tax services, we pride ourselves in proactive planning so that clients don’t experience those ugly surprises. Planning allows us to make smart tax decisions and strategic moves to avoid as much in taxes as possible while sticking with the goals of our overall financial plan. At East Coast, we like to think that tax preparation for our clients is recording a story we already know the ending to because we took the time to plan.

Tax Strategies

The key is tax strategy, not tax evasion. All of us share the same exact tax code. Some people, especially the wealthy, take as much advantage of the tax code as possible. Others, on the other hand, overpay year in and year out. Our goal, when providing tax services, is to ensure you are as tax efficient as possible. Most if not all of your financial decisions are also tax decisions. There are very few financial transactions that we partake in that the government in some shape or form is not involved. Our job at East Coast is to take a look at every financial decision and transaction through the lenses of taxation. We run several different analyses and reports to ensure that you’re aware of the tax consequences of your decisions. You should never make financial decisions without having an idea of the tax implications of those decisions.

Tax strategist holding pen and doing finances
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