Strategic Tax Plainning in Vero Beach, FL

If you give me 30 minutes, I’ll show you how much money you could accidentally be losing in retirement.

Be sure you’re not making any tax mistakes.

Many retirees are accidentally losing money without even knowing it.

They might have insurance policies, tax returns, and investment accounts, but don’t have a strategic plan for how to manage them together.

This creates many scenarios in which retirees overpay their taxes or get penalized, giving money to the IRS that they never had to.

Danny Howes

Tax Professional and Financial Advisor

I’m Danny, and I’ve seen this problem cost retirees hundreds of thousands of dollars.

My firm serves retirees in Florida to build Strategic Plans for all your moving financial pieces: your policies, your investments, and your tax returns.

To help you maximize every dollar in retirement.

Our clients get every financial area working together.

Tax Strategy: Make sure you’re not overpaying your taxes

Financial Planning: Get a plan for your current assets, future goals, and day-to-day decisions

Insurance Policies: Get (or drop) policies that align with your retirement goals

Investment Management: Align your investment decisions with your financial plan and tax strategy to maximize every dollar

A Wholistic Approach to Your Retirement: We work with our clients to leave no financial stone unturned to help them live the life they want

Avoid costly mistakes and get the right

strategies for your retirement.

Let’s be certain you’re not losing money right now.

Schedule a free call to find out

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