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East Coast Tax and Financial Planning provides a full suite of investment services. From stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to customized portfolios, we offer several different options. Our core mantra as a firm is Plan first. We coordinate our clients’ investments based on the financial planning process. We evaluate our client’s needs, assess their risk tolerance, and then recommend a portfolio that is both suitable and in your best interest.
When choosing an investment allocation it is important to know what your risk threshold is. It’s also important to consider your personal tax situation. The individual stocks, bonds and mutual funds themselves are not the whole financial plan, nor do any one of these solve all of your planning objectives. This is why we utilize a risk profile method that makes it simpler for our clients to understand what risk, if any, they are truly comfortable with. From there we utilize a formula that helps us diversify your portfolio, in order to minimize exposure to any one asset class or region. We then test the portfolio with the rest of the financial plan to make sure it fits and makes sense. This helps us know what the potential of the downside risk of the portfolio is, as well as all the potential tax ramifications of the investments.

Our Investment Philosophy

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