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One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others –Lewis Carroll

All plans should have within them elements of protection.  This is why East Coast Tax and Financial Planning is also an insurance agency.  Insurance can be confusing and making mistakes can be costly.  Finding and placing the right insurance products for your financial plan is a specialty of ours.  Below is a list of what we provide our clients here at East Coast:

Life Insurance

There’s only three places we can leave our money to when we die.  Our loved ones, charities, and the IRS.  No one wants to leave money to the IRS.  However, most people have a desire of who they’d like to leave their assets to.  Life insurance can be a great way to help mitigate against retirement account income tax distributions, as well as any estate tax that may be incurred.

Life Insurance is also a great way to protect the ones you love.  Having adequate coverage to cover your income loss or future earning potential can be a financial life saver for those you leave behind.

Long Term Care

Most people think long term care insurance is there to protect your health.  While that can be true as fare as being able to provide much needed care in those situations, it’s only half the story.  Long term care insurance can be helpful in protecting your assets.  Statistics say that one out of every two of us will need some sort of long term care.  Have adequate coverage can help avoid draining valuable assets and investments that your loved ones may need to survive after your passing.  Having the insurance company flip some or all of the bill can make a dramatic difference in these situations.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

We chose to add Medicare Supplements to our offerings, because so many of our clients are retired and need advice on this crucial tool for their household.  Choosing the right coverage, deductible, and plan can be daunting.  Our health is our most important asset.  Properly chosen Medicare supplement plans can help avoid costly out of pocket expenses, as well as avoid paying too much for the insurance itself.  Not everyone’s health is the same, so you need an advisor to assist you in choosing the best option for you.

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