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Overview of Insurance Products

Transcription of Show (Note: This is an automated transcription and may not be exact word for word) Segment 1: 00:01 Danny Howes: Good morning, Vero Beach! Welcome to The Financial Pulse Radio Show. I'm your host, Danny Howes, CEO of East Coast Tax and Financial...

Understanding Your Retirement Income

Understanding Your Retirement Income, “With Certainty Comes the Freedom of Spontaneity” By Danny Howes, EA, RFC Those words have stuck with me for years, ever since a very successful and wealthy mentor of mine uttered it to me.  When pondered, it has many...

What is an Income Annuity

Income Annuities | Vero Beach-FL How Do Income Annuities Work Today we dive into Income Annuities (SPIA) and Fixed Annuities. Transcription: Financial Pulse | Income Annuities (This is an automated transcription please ignore grammatical errors) 00:01 Danny Howes:...

Fixed Index Annuities | Are They Right For You?

Fixed Index Annuities | Are They Right For You? In this weeks show we talk about Fixed Index Annuities and if they are a right fit for you.  There can be a lot of benefits but there can also be a lot of pitfalls.  Making sure you know exactly what you are purchasing...

Variable Annuities

Variable Annuities Learn How Variable Annuities Work. Be armed with knowing the benefits and the pitfalls of this product before deciding if this is something you should invest in. Variable Annuity Back in August we did a series on variable annuities.  These complex...

Retirement Income

Retirement Income Good morning Vero Beach. Welcome to the Financial Pulse Radio Show. My name is Danny Howes, CEO of East Coast Tax and Financial Planning and your humble host. Welcome, welcome. I hope everybody has had a great week thus far. We certainly have. We’re...

New Year-New President Is Your Money Prepared?

How Fixed Index Annuities Work Learn easily how Fixed Index Annuities work. Learn if this is something right for your portfolio or not. If you have questions, we are always here to help! Financial Advisor Vero Beach | Treasure Coast All opinions represent the judgment...

Understanding What a Variable Annuity Is and How It Works

Variable Annuities | Helpful Tools Learn about different share classes, fees, riders, benefits and draw backs of a variable annuity. Variable Annuity: Variable annuities can be powerful tools for your retirement.  However, they can also be very inefficient and...

*Annuities* Understanding The Different Types of Annuities…

Annuities: In this 4 part series we will dive deep and discuss Variable Annuities, Fixed Annuities, and Fixed Indexed Annuities.  This week is a discussion/overview of each.  Next week we will be talking about Variable Annuities.

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2945 Cardinal Dr. Vero Beach, Fl. 32963 | 772-774-7970


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